Everyone should make bread.

A bread recipe. Really forgiving one!

1kg of bread flour (hard flour, or Italian ‘oo’ flour)
10g of dried yeast (use fresh if you can’t get dried, double the weight of dried)
25g of salt
650 ml of warm water (if using fresh yeast chuck it in the water and leave it somewhere warm for ten mins)

Optional extras

25ml olive oil or butter oh and if you fancy it get some nuts and roast em a bit, chop em a bit and chuck them in too, you could also add herbs or roasted squash or any cool stuff you can find, just make sure if it needs some cooking you do that first. The thing is dont add to many different things and only add about 200g.


Right get all the ingredients and chuck em in a bowl or big pan then mix away, if its to wet add more flour, it should all stick together without being sticky, when it’s all come together then get it out and start kneading do this till your arms really hurt, or it looks really smooth, which ever comes first, about ten mins.

Then put it somewhere warm for 1 hour, covered with a tea towel, then knead ( knock back ) for 1 min  #  prove again 30 mins  then knock back and put on the greased tray for cooking making it the shape you want it and leave for another 30 mins (make sure it will fit in the oven at double the size it is now) you could divide into rolls at this point aswell.

Sprinkle flour on top or brush with egg and add nuts seeds or magic fairy dust.

Bake at 200c for about 30 mins, when it’s ready you can tap the bottom and it sounds hollow.

Leave to rest on a wire rack, this bit is very important do this for 30 mins, this will finish the cooking process and make the house smell like mother hubberds cupboard.

I’ve just realised mother hubberd had a really bad cupboard. So, it might well smell like that bakery down the road.

# at this stage you can take little balls of the dough and roll em out and cook in em in a dry medium heat pan ( turn em over after about a minute ) and you’ll get lovely flat breads.

When you do this a couple of times you’ll find it well easy and also find some cool things to add.

To make life more fun you can freeze the dough after the first prove then when you defrost it will be ready to bake straight away, great for fresh bread in the morning with no work, just get it out the night before and defrost on the tray you want to bake on.

Bread is good!


When you fancy a challenge and something different, try this. (As you may of guessed, this isn’t me!)

One thought on “Everyone should make bread.

  1. Banana Bread1/2 cup unsalted btuter (room temp)1 cup sugar1 egg3/4 cup pureed banana (2-3)3/4 cup chopped dates1/3 cup chopped walnuts1-1/2 cup all purpose flour2 tsp baking powder1/2 cup milkPre-heat oven to 350F. prep loaf panCream together btuter sugar, add egg banana, beat for 1 minute.Add dates, walnuts, (optional) mix with wooden spoon.In sm. bowl mix the flour baking powder together.Add dry ingredients to mix, alternating with milk.DO NOT OVER-MIX.Pour into greased loaf pan cook in centre of oven 45 minutes.Test toothpick in centre comes out clean, cool remove from pan.Google

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