We’re looking forward to welcoming you back and have been working hard behind the scenes to put measures into place that will help you to feel safe and reassured when you dine with us again. Be it takeaway or eating in our restaurant or terrace, we have made every effort to change how we operate to make you feel safe at The Millside.

Some of the measures we have taken:

The outdoor terrace will be cordoned off to stop people freely walking onto the terrace, guests must speak to the server outside who will allocate tables according to capacity internally and externally.

A staggered booking system has been put in place, this will give us more time between guests being seated to thoroughly clean and sterilise each table.

We will be replacing our pretty oyster salt shells with plastic salt and pepper grinders which will be sterilised between each sitting. 

We will be providing hand sanitiser on each table and in the main walk-through areas.

We have paid for our staff to complete a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate to ensure they are up to date on all practices within the catering industry.

We have removed some of the tables in the restaurant and terrace to give everyone a little more space within social distancing measure. 

We will be continuing with our takeaway menu when we reopen for those who would still feel more comfortable eating yummy food at home.

Ultimately we have thought very carefully about how to reopen and make sure we deliver the same level of service and dining experience that we served before lockdown. We are all new to this and we will adapt in line with government guidelines, with our customers’ safety at the heart of it.